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This scenic wallpaper is based on a photo taken during our hike out at Johnston Canyon in Banff National Park, Alberta. This image is right near the start of the hike and even though the scenery is already beautiful, it only becomes more so as you continue along the trail. The entire trail is groomed and you can decide how tough you want your hike to be, as there are different sites to see at differing distances. At the 1.1km (0.7km) mark you will find the lower falls; where the water falls 10m (33feet) into a pothole below. You can actually see these falls up close by going through a natural cave and coming out just before it. Be warned though, if you choose to do this you will get wet from the falls spray. Hiking 2.7km (1.7miles) from the start will bring you to the Upper Falls, where the water cascades more than 30m (100feet). Up to this point you have been mostly walking extended out over the water, as the steel walkway is attached to the side of the mountain. Once you leave the Upper Falls you can proceed up to the Ink Pots, which are 6 clear greenish/blue natural pools that remain at 4degrees Celsius all year around. The distance to the Ink Pots, from the start of the trail, is 5.8km (3.6 miles). There are some steep parts up to the Ink Pots that could be difficult for some; however, if you take your time, take a few breaks, you'll find the hike much worth it.

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Johnston Canyon - Banff National Park (click to view)

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